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In 2017, we only had 5 founding members.

And now?

We have over 1000+ agents on-board in ONLY 2 years time!

Talk about a rapid growth!

Hi! We’re NAVIS

The fastest growing group in OrangeTee & Tie. NAVIS is both our names and the place where we call



We help our agents to leave their competitors

struggling to keep up

via a complete platform that aids them in every aspect of their work (and we mean it).

Getting a step closer to SUCCESS

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There Are 3 Types of Agents.

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Just like Peter, you want to become an Avenger Agent.

You’re either taking your RES course or waiting to pass your RES exams and are looking at different agencies in Singapore.


We have over 100+ experienced leaders that have already paved the path of success for you. No banging into walls – we have weekly training sessions to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills for this industry.

The Ultimate Agent

You are the Ultimate Agent with POWERFUL tools and skillsets.

You have been in the Stark industry for a while and you’re looking at other options to better advance your career.


With the #1 Technology – Link Up in our hands, our agents are able to 10x their productivity and closure rate. You can also find 8 different kinds of Calculators in one place – no more switching between multiple apps!

The team leader

Hands down you’re an iconic figure in this industry.

You lead a team full of elites and you’re in your comfort zone. You wish to move on to a better place but you’re afraid of it.


Leverage on our success-proven platform while you and your team achieve new breakthroughs. What’s more, you and your team will be working closely with high caliber agents – the kind of ‘Avengers’ team you need right now.

We’ve helped over 1000 agents grow to date. And we’ll do the same for you.

So… How’s your story going to start?

Coffee session with us


Understand how our sensational app can give a massive boost to your career


Discover the success-proven Training Masterplan that produced numerous Top Producers


Learn the secrets of how our agents earned $300,000 to $500,000 in their first 3 months


Experience multi-segment support that will blow your mind away


Find out why over 1000+ agents have joined us over these 2 years

Ignore us

Lose an UNFAIR competitive edge over others and lack behind your peers

Get left out on the latest and most relevant topics of the industry

Lose this lifetime opportunity to break out of your shell and be successful

Miss out on joining a reliable team 

Stay in a bottleneck, forever

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